The Meaning of Home

Home is not a place, it is a feeling. Home does not have to be somewhere, it can be in your heart. It is my family and the comfort of my room. Home is like a picture book. Every picture has its own memories captured in a frame that will not let go. There are a lot of memories tucked in drawers, under the stairs and in big boxes in my house but more in my home and heart. Home means a lot, the feeling of being safe and trusting. Home is where I grow up and where I have fun. It is where I play and my friends just walk in the door. Home feels like a big warm hug that warms my heart. Happiness comes from a home with lots of love. A roof over my head and the smell of delicious food. Home is where all the love, caring, hope, helping and adventure starts. Home is like a song, it warms your heart and makes you want to dance. Home is not where you live, it is where it feels like it. Because home is a strong word for a feeling that makes you feel safe. A lot of people in the world are homeless and it breaks my heart to see and hear that. Everyone deserves to have the feeling of a home filled with memories. Home is everything. When you walk in your home, it smells like your best memories. Home is the familiar smell of my mom making her homemade soup. A house is made out of walls and a roof, stone and bricks while a home is made out of love and memories. My family and I moved to Nova Scotia last year all the way from Sweden, and at first it felt weird and different. But after time it felt better and better and now things are like my new home. My house is by a lake but my home lays in my heart. Sweden will always be more special to me but moving here was the best experience in my life. I have friends, the best teachers and wherever I am around the globe I will always be home. Here I am, amazed by how good it went. Now the feeling of being safe took over and “home” is a part of my heart again. Home is like a week, every day has a fun memory to remember. And when the week ends It will come again and just keep going with new memories filled with joy. My heart is my home. If you would enter my heart it would be filled with memories, happiness and joy. Home is everything, and this is MY meaning of home.


Grade 6

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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