What home means to me.

A home can be anything from a house, to an apartment, to a trailer. A home is where you go at the end of the day from work, or school. A home is place that everyone should have. It is a place where you meet with your family, where you feel safe from the world, and where you gain structure. A home should be affordable so that everyone can have one. I love coming home to see my family at the end of the day. This is the place where my family is at the end of the day. I get to see my pets and cuddle with them. I love coming home to eat at my house. At meal times we get to talk to each other, and laugh. These are important parts of our day. On the weekends, we get to play together with our friends here and it makes me happy. I also get to play board games with my family and watch movies. Without a home I wouldn't have all these great things to look forward to each day. Home also means safety to me. It means that on cold nights I have a roof over my head. It means I have a bed to sleep in and that I am not out in the cold. It means that I am not worried about sleeping in a car, or a shelter, or on a couch at someone's house. It means security to me. I know that I have a place that is mine to come home to every day. Home is also where I learn life and structure. I learn teamwork and how to support the other people in my house so that we can all get along. I learn how to listen to rules and how to gain respect for my parents. Home is where I gain lots of valuable life skills that will help me as I continue to grow. At home I learn how to help around the house, and how to be good with other people. Every child deserves a safe place to grow up in. A place they can call their own, and grow and develop in. A place where they know they will get food, and water, and a bed to sleep in. A place they feel safe and secure in. This is what a home is to me.


Grade 4

Saint John, New Brunswick

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