The Meaning of Home

Each one of us has a place which brings back good memories. A symbol of comfort and wellness. A place that evokes feelings related to music, objects, colors and people. This place is called home. Home is kept in our heads as an ideal one, even it it’s not so perfect. Home serves as a kind of fortress to us, our freedom and deeds. The word home is a multi-faceted word that combines different concepts. Home is culture, religion, friends and family. Although some homes do not seem luxurious or well decorated, it’s the place you feel secure, loved and free. Sometimes, when we’re exhausted from a long day at school or work, all we want to do is go home and rest. Whenever someone enters their home, they’re always greeted with hugs and family and people that have missed you. Home is the place that brings you joy and laughter.


Grade 6

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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