Welcome to my home. I know I's rusty and old but to me it is filled with gold. I did not mean for it to get sold. I am in my new “home,” it is exceptionally clean and new but, it only has a few. A few memories only filled up half my shoe. The other shoe was dripping from the sides of how much memories I made with my family, years ago. Now there is no more foam and soap coming out of my washing machine, it was too clean and perfect, I liked it messy because then it would feel more like home. In my old home it was always like that, clothes were always on the floor and were never picked up, the kitchen was always unorganized I was never really surprised at how messy my home was. There was always that one broken vase. My home was always a place to relax and run away from all my problems. I miss my old home; I really hope one day I can just take one more step into my forever home.


Grade 6

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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