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What Does Home Mean To Me?

Home is a place where you and your loved ones live and memories are made, a house on the other hand is like a home in a way you also make memories but as memorable as the ones made at home. No matter big or small home is always going to be my favourite for example when you see most rich people get a house their always like “I can’t wait to live in this house. on the other end you got the not well-off people when they get it their like “I cannot imagine how many memories are going to be made at our HOME even though there’s mice and broken windows, I remember my parents told me it’s not about the money it’s about the thought That’s put into it. Everybody deserves a home especially the homeless who did nothing wrong. If a homeless person had to choose between No home or a home with shatter windows and with mice carling around, homeless would choose home.


Grade 6

Chateauguay, Quebec

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