Home is a warm feeling, a calm place to be Home is hope, a light in dark seas. When I think of home, in my mind I see A vision with love, safety and peace. The home of one, may be just a house to another, But it might be the only light in life for the other. In the darkest of days, In the black of the storm, Home takes you on the path of life, To remember who you are. Home means love, A place you belong. The ripple of calm, Echoes in life, As a home is a feeling, For the rest of your life. The shining light, The north star, Leads you to a home, Where you relax your head, From the pounding of the storm. For a home stays with you, Through thick and through thin, Home is the place, Sincerely within.


Grade 6

Castlegar, British Columbia

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