What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me We stand together, as a family and that's what home means to me. I never feel alone when I think of home. I feel safe and that's what matters the most. No matter how big, no matter how small, home is where you cherish it all. Home is where I play. Home is where I lay and as the days go on, home is where I stay. I learned to walk and I learned to run, I learned to sing and I learned to have fun. Not only did I learn to walk and run but I also learned to stand up when the time had come. My home address may change as I travel through life, but the memories I have will always be nice. Home is where I treasure all things nice so home is home and I'll never think twice. Home will always be a place for me to express myself in all that's right. Each and every morning, each and every night. Your home doesn't need to be big to have a story because the story you create has its own glory. Helping to build a house will also build up one another. Building a home while building a future, writing a poem will build more than just four walls and a roof, it will build one another. Another house, another house, let's build a community, let's come together and as neighbours with opportunity. For some who don't have a place to go when the sky gets dim. Know that we'll always be thinking of them. We can open our homes, and open our hearts, As family is where our generosity starts. I feel sad for those out in the cold, young and old. Let's all build a wall by writing a poem to show them it doesn't matter your age when we're all on the same page, because if we're bold we can give people a place to call their own. United together we can make a change for the better. My hope with this poem is to spread kindness and awareness. Lets use compassion to create more action with the one thing that will always stay the same, no matter how near, no matter how far we will always live under the same shining stars. We should celebrate our differences, we are one.


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Orangeville, Ontario

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