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What is home? Your home is your root. It stays, You can move, you can walk away, but your root remains in the same place. A home is made out of two things: The house, and the family. Without the family, the house would be no more than a hollow skeleton, though without the house, the family would have no place to live. I am lucky. I have both a house and a family. But some people don’t. Homeless people, people who live in cardboard boxes, people wandering the streets in the darkest and coldest nights— they don’t have a home nor a family. What is home to them? To us, it is safety, warmth; to them, it is danger, coldness. To us, it is family; to them, it is alone. Homeless people don’t have a root, like autumn seeds drifting aimlessly through the air. The meaning of home to them is sleeping while the wind howls and strike their bones, always thinking of how they will survive the next day. We, can help them, give them the real impression of the meaning of home. How? Well, this is the answer right here on this page: write what YOU think home means. Let their seed land, and let them firmly grow, with a family, with a root.


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Fredericton, Nouveau-Brunswick

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