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Home Sweet Home

Have you ever wondered what a home means? Home is not a place where there's just a roof and walls, It’s a place where you’ve grown in, It’s a place to have freedom to be yourself, You can always be in your comfort zone no matter what. At home you can have so many emotions, It's amazing how you have a family to support you through rough times, You can always have somebody helping you climb up those mountains, Home can also be a place where your family is cheering you on. A home is not just a place where you eat and sleep, It’s a place where you find your culture, identity, family and love, It’s hard to believe that you have a home, A place where you do everyday activities. Home is where you let down your guard and feel safe, To me a home means that even if I’m sad I can still get kisses from my mom, Or if I’m happy I can goof and play with my sister, Even if I fight with my sister I can still know that we will play that same day.


Grade 5

Calgary, Alberta

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