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Home is a Gorgeous Place

The home is a safe place that keeps us toasty and is a gorgeous place. Home feels snug for us, even it makes us toasty, pleasured and cheerful to live. Our home smells good because our mom cooks tasty delicious food for us that mold home a nice pristine smell. Our home is full of our things to live snug. So our home is neat and snug, clean to stay our home is tender to tender and also we should take care our home our home is gorgeous to gorgeous our home is encompassed by nice fair thing that we live, and home where we share our depressed and our home is full of gorgeous and my home is home and we passion to we need to live. Home is always gorgeous to gorgeous. Our home feels like everyone is there secure for us anything perilous come. That’s what home means to me!


Grade 5

Calgary, Alberta

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