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What Home Means to Me

In my home my family safety and needs are important. My family makes me feel like home. Playing with my siblings makes me really happy. Some friends are like family. My cousin Jacob is my best friend. I love going on trips with my family. Everywhere I go with my family is home. My home makes me feel safe.I feel safe because it is warm. Having my mom and dad at home is safe. When my big sister is at home I feel safe. Some of my family members take good care of me. Wherever I go by myself. I am still safe. At home my needs are always met. I need food to help me live. Next I need to drink water because it's healthy. If I drink water I will get stronger. Finally I need to sleep to get my energy. My home has everything I need. When I think of home, I think of my family, safety and my needs are met.


Grade 4

Red Deer, Alberta

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