What home means to me

Home is a place where I feel safe and when I’m home I have fun and feel loved. I am lucky to have to have a comfortable and safe home. I realized others don't have as much as me. It is important to give back to others the less fortunate if you have enough money. I’m lucky and other people aren't as lucky. I have a giant house, a TV, and a dog. When my dog passed away, home was never the same because my mom has had dogs for 25 years. I've had dogs my whole life and home was not the same I felt lonely. When we got a puppy home felt like home again. He’s now part of our family. Home for me is a place that I’m loved and have fun. My family and I are grateful for having a roof to sleep under and food and a safe place. My family is grateful and happy. Home is not just a house it’s a family and it can be anywhere and it’s home. My father and I always like to help homeless people and give them hope, we like to donate clothes and food . I’ve seen so many people that are not grateful.I always tell people to be grateful because other people are not as lucky. When I play games at my safe place and people say they are unlucky their house is so small. I say other people have no home’s. A lot of people don’t have homes. I suggest donating money to charity and giving ten dollars or just giving money to charity. Always be positive and be grateful for having a family and being loved. When I'm older I want to give some of the money I make to the homeless so people can have a home and have joy. I wish everyone in the world could have a home. Just be grateful for what you have and all the love you get and always be happy. Donate to the charity Hope for humanity, Never be negative, Always be positive and home is where your heart is . Be loved and have fun.


Grade 6

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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