Writing about home

Home is where you make friends. You go and ask to play then you go to the park then ask if you could play and if they say yes you can play with them. A little bit later you can ask if you can be friends with them and then you play with them every day. Sometimes they move or you move away and do things again.I made some good friends over the years and they are funny, smart. I like the friends I have. Home is where you get to have fun and play with family. I play with some friends too but like playing my games like pokemon violet and fortnite.I like playing with resident evil 4 and gorilla tag it is so much fun playing family games like mario party superstars. The best time when I get to play with my friends on games. Home is where you smell great food like pizza,sushi,fish and chips.I love when I get to eat with family. It is sad when you don't see your mom or dad and it's you and your siblings or just you.Sometimes you go out to eat at a restaurant like kfc or pizza hut.Sometimes you go to a friends house to eat supper and have a good time. Home is where you hear nice and bad sounds. You wake up to hear birds chirping and cats meowing dogs barking. You can hear your parents talking and yelling at your siblings. Hearing footsteps coming from outside its your dad coming in you hear the door open and close. Home feels safe and warm and it is fun when I play with friends and my games but I like spending family time.Home is where I sleep, it is where my pets are and my family friends come over to play and it is nice when I go and play with friends at their house.Home is where I stay safe and to be happy and joyful and whare I eat when family comes down to visit. Home is where you see your friends and family and your pets.You will get to go see friends you get to go for a walk and get to see the wilderness and the wild life.You get to see all the meals that your family makes.All the toys you have and will get the things you will see and seen.


Grade 6

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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