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(Originally submitted in french) Like a beacon in the night that guards against the pitfalls. Like a gentle rain shower that washes away all my blunders. Like a sweet melody that soothes me when I am upset. This is home to me. Like a mirror that enables me to see who I am. Like a cozy chimney fire that warms me on those cold nights. Like a magnet that draws friends into its circle. This is home to me. Like a pillar, an unwavering support that shields me from the mockery of others. Like a rescue buoy that keeps me afloat when I make dreadful mistakes. Like a compass that helps me find my way when I get lost in a sea of emotions. This is home to me. Like a magnificent building that astounds me each time I set foot in it. Like a subtle perfume that fills the air with pleasant memories. Like a comfort blankie that nurtures me tenderly. Like a treasure chest that holds all our precious family treasures, filled with I LOVE YOU’s. That is home to me. My home is like a labyrinth Where I’m never weary. An open book in which my parents may read my deepest thoughts. A sealed book where my secrets are closely guarded. Stormy skies where quarrels with my brothers and sisters are commonplace, and soon turn into laughter. My home is just as lovely as the robin’s melody, like my sister’s song each morning. The best gift given by my parents, to whom I say THANK YOU. Just like a flower in a decorative bouquet for Habitat for Humanity, that puts a smile on the face of a child such as me. This is my POEM.


Grade 5

Kingston, Ontario

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