what home means!

What home means to me, home is a safe place to stay surrounded by family and friends that you can go to if you were ever in danger. I am lucky to have a home because some kids and adults are out in the cold, no warm place to call home. A home isn't just a place to stay while you aren't at school or work, it's a place to provide warmth, food, beds, showers/baths and much more. Your parents will work their hardest to find a place for you to call home, but still have a mortgage, bills, taxes, maybe even rent. This means they need to pay more than just the price of the home that your parents couldt have had a hard time finding a house to afford, but to pay for the warmth, food, and water it's much more money. By this one entry you are donating 10$ and if your whole class makes one too that's around 250 dollars going towards the people in need of a home! And it doesn't cost anything except a little time to write an essay or just a short poem about what home means to you! Thank you for taking the time to read this. -Callie Campbell


Grade 5

westville, Nova Scotia

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