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I Loved My House

I love my house because there is no harm in it . I also love my house because I get to spend time with my mom, my dad, my sister and my two brothers. and I am happy to have a roof over my head. When I think of people that do not have a house that makes me feel sad. I am hoping someday people without a house will get one. I hope I can help everyone that does not have a house. But that is why we are doing this so people without a house could get one. I feel safe at my house and I trust everyone at my house like my mom, dad, my sister, my two brothers. and I also love how they have time for me. now let me talk about my house. I have a white house, there is a basement in the house, there is a kitchen in the house, there is a living room in the house, there is an upstairs, there are three bedrooms in the House. one is my big brother’s room, one is my mom and dad’s room, my little brother shares a room with my mom and dad, i share a room with my sister, sometimes my my sister gets mad at me but it’s OK we forgive each other when we are done, i am pretty sure that’s all l have to say hope you liked it. What home should feel like At home you should feel safe,at home you should feel trust,at home there should be no harem, a home is where you should enjoy life and have fun, it is not a place to have bad times. it’s a place where you are supposed to enjoy life. and have a great time with your family, enjoy life OK that's all hope you liked it.


Grade 4

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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