Home Means Family

Home to me is all about family. Wouldn’t it be boring to not have a house with a family in it? I think it would. If it was just me in the house it wouldn’t feel like a home it would just feel like a house. Home to me is being with siblings, parents who love me and my amazing dog. To me home is having siblings. Having siblings is very fun. I get to play with them. I usually play with my brother either playing video games or mini hoops (AKA Basketball). Sometimes in the summer we go play baseball outside. I have a hockey rink in my backyard that we make every winter. Usually it’s my dad, me and my brother Luke playing on it. I sometimes play with my two sisters on the rink too. I like my sisters. They are nice and kind. We sometimes play games like Dutch Blitz or Crazy Eights and Splendor. Every friday night we make pizzas on naan bread and watch a movie. I have amazing parents who love me and they are kind. They help me with work that I need help with. They cook my food, they get our family’s groceries. My parents wash and fold my clothes. They put me to bed, they snuggle with me and love me very much. My parents also sing songs with me at night. They also take me to sports and they are my biggest fans. They take me on camping trips too. My parents love me with all their hearts and I love them with all of my big heart. To me, having a dog is a big part of the family . My dog is a fluffy and smart dog. My dog is so cute, she is a poodle. She can do 5 different tricks. She can sit, paw, other paw, lay and stay. I have always wanted to have a dog and finally we got one. I love when I take her out of her crate because she kisses me in the face. Every morning she goes and lies by my mom. Sometimes she even goes and kisses my siblings' faces when they’re still sleeping. In conclusion, home to me is being with siblings because I always have somebody to play with. Home is being with parents who love me and look after me. I am very thankful that we got a dog. She has been a great addition to our home and family. Home means many different things to different people but I think home is family.


Grade 5

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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