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What home means to me

I think home means having a roof over my head. Gathering around with family, friends, and neighbours. Home is a place I want people to be around. I can be in my own safe area. Home is a place I remember every day. When I have to come home, I do that with a large smile on my face. Home is a place I can access and use the things I need. If I’m having a bad day, home is where I come back to. All these people who are loving, supportive, and comforting. Home is something I can count on to make me happy. To me, a house is a brick walled building, but a home is decorated and filled with a lot of colourful things on the inside and outside. For 365 days, half of my time, I’m sitting at home with my family. Instead of spending the holidays at home alone. I’m spending it with people I love and support. Also, with people who love and support me. All my pets at home spending time with me and my family. Home is like a sponge, it absorbs water. But home absorbs support and comfort. When I’m at home I can relax and enjoy spending time socializing. At home all the loving, comforting, and supporting people are there especially my pets. Home plays a very important role in my life because it’s my safe place. It’s filled with happiness and surprises. Home is where I have a whole bunch of emotions and feelings. Home is a place you make and continue to make memories. Home is a warm place that keeps me alive, and it’s where I live.


Grade 6

Lansdowne, Ontario

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