Meaning of home to me

The word home can mean lots of different things for lots of different people. It can be happy and it can sadly be sad. To me the word home means safety in my young traditions and in a way hockey. This is the one that means the most to me it is safety. At home I feel really really safe, like how I can just tell my family about my day and lots of other things, and it will not feel awkward. I feel so safe at home that I sleep in it, and I only sleep in places that I find really and I mean really safe. I also like how at home it does not matter who I am, my family will always love me. I also feel safe because my parents will always be there for me. This topic is tradition. I have lots of traditions but here are 4 of them. Valentine's Day is one of our traditions and I don't think lots of people do this but we go all out decorations and everything. We always have pancakes for breakfast with whipped cream and strawberries. Another tradition is Christmas. My mom and dad always get me my sister and them matching pajamas for Christmas Eve. I know this is a weird topic but hockey in a way means home. Hockey is a way for me and my dad to connect when he's not at work. The way that I remember it I got into hockey because my dad was on a ball hockey team and I wanted to do that too. Now me and my dad will go down to the lake and have so much fun skating around. That is the meaning of home to me: safety, traditions and hockey. What's the meaning of home to you.


Grade 6

Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

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