The meaning of home

The meaning of home to me means a place where I feel safe, where I feel comfortable. It means alot of memories,sports, food and water. Those topics are also what I will be talking about soon. It also means warmth,shelter and family but my home is not only where family is also my grandparents house. What memories mean to me, it means happy and sad memories, heartwarming or terrifying. But these are 3 memories I will never forget. 3. When my dad,me and my friend Jackson went to a moose heads game and the moose heads won 4-3 in overtime. 2. When I was 5 my family and I went to martok and I was really scared of the chair lift but I went on it. 1. When me and my family went to Tampa with my friend Jackson and his family. What sports means to me, it means having fun working hard and playing with friends. When I play sports with my friends we like to play hockey,soccer,basketball or baseball. When I was 3 me and my dad went into the garage and passed a puck around. But when I was picking up my stick my dad did a soser pass and it hit me in my eye. So that month was one of the worst months of my life. What shelter and food mean to me, it means a place where I feel safe and comfortable. When I bake cookies with my mom it makes me feel comfortable,safe and I get to spend time with her. When I see my sister making a cake Iask to help but she says no and kicks me out of the kitchen. And at the supper table I sometimes feed my dog Teddy some food. Thank you for reading my essay. I hope you had fun and enjoyed reading and goodbye.


Grade 6

Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

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