The meaning of home

Home is a place to feel safe,comfortable and some people have family that lives with them and some don’t. Or you could live with a pet. My house has my parents,my sister and pets! My house can be very loud or very quiet. Safety In my house I like to feel safe, when I do feel safe in my houseI like to be with my family!And play video games with friends. When I don’t feel safe I go to my parents room or the office I have in my house. And I also like to sleep for hours . Family My family is mostly there at my house, and we make a lot of sad,fun scary memories. Like me and my family like to go to Florida in the winter . Comfort When I feel comfortable I am sleeping or I am sitting down with cozy clothes on and lots of blankets and pillows! My family likes to turn on the fire and watch movies . And the times I feel the most comfortable are when I am in my bed. I think in a home you should feel comfortable,safe and have some family around important to me what's the meaning of home for you?


Grade 6

Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

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