The meaning of home

The word home can mean very different things to very different people. The word home can be a very sad place or a very happy place. The meaning of home to me is surrounded by memories of safety, food and people. The word home means a lot to me, the word home is a special word that can be used in very different ways, and very different times. The three words that mean home to me are very special, safety is because of my home, my home protects me from anything, food is when i help my favorite person cook the best foods… My mom, she is the best cook i know, there are a lot of people that come to my house that i can’t remember but they are all special to me, like my friends that come to my house and family. STORY TIME : It was a monday morning where i was getting ready for school, i heard a sound outside so i asked my mom to hear and see what it was i thought it was a bird or something, but then my mom said that it was our neighbor from across the street calling help, my mom went running down our long driveway while calling 911, me and my sister wanted to go but our dad yelled no you two have to get ready for school, and in my head i was like this is way more important than school but whatever, so me and my sister got ready for school, once we got outside there was a firetruck and ambulance, so me and sister had to go outside and see, when we got to the house we seen that the man was laying down in the cold snow, he broke his arm and his femur, now he is in the hospital waiting to come out so he can get back home, and once he gets home me my mom and my sister will gto over and give him a get well soon card and maybe some flowers and some chocolates. That story about the man is a true story, the story was about one of my memories, people, i just added a new person in my memories.


Grade 6

Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

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