What Home Means to Me

My home looks like a place filled with joy and company, a navy blue house with a bright red door that welcomes family and friends, Empty trees in the winter waiting for summer to bring their leaves along the way, the sun shining bright down on our home, My yard that is filled with baseball cages and volleyball nets. My home that sounds like fun and happiness, The soft breeze of the wind blowing through the windows, My home sounds like Marvel movies and Disney series, The sounds of footsteps rushing down the stairs, And my sister running around like an elephant everywhere. My home smells like the smooth scent of lavender in the summer and the salty coldness in the winter, The fresh scent of lasagna going through room to room giving excitement, Laughter and love. My home tastes like bacon in the morning and hamburgers in the afternoon, Home made food and protein bars, Foods made with love and happiness. My home feels like love, leather, and happiness, Cozy rooms to sleep in and soft couch to sit on, Endy pillows and soft blankets, My moms love and warmth covering the home with joy. A house is where we live but a home is what we love, My home is special because it's filled with love, I am grateful.


Grade 4

Truro, Nova Scotia

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