What I Think About Home

Home is a place where I feel safe and comfortable. At home I can play, sing, paint and much more. We sit at the same lunch table, sleep in the same rooms. I can’t tell you how much I love my home. I will always live in the same exact home and never leave. I know sometimes home can be boring, but I have siblings to greet me with their hugs and kisses when I come back from school. It is just great to always be with your family and friends. I know everyone in my family loves me and I will always love them. Family is just a nice word to me. I know how it feels to move to different homes. I have experienced all the changes that come with moving. I have moved three times and from different countries, too. I moved from Syria to Lebanon then to Canada. Each time it was very hard. The thing I liked about moving was we were moving to a safer place. My family was with me, too. It was mostly hard for my parents because my siblings and I were just too small to understand what was happening. We would cry, scream. Also, it was frustrating for my parents to understand what people were saying to them. Then we got to where we were heading and settled ourselves there and learned the language. At least we were safe. I am so thankful and grateful for my home.


Grade 6

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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