My Home

My Home belongs to me. My home reflects me. My House is four walls and a roof. My Home is four walls and family. The rooms in my home are all reflections of the people in my family. My bedroom is decorated with sports and athletic things My parents' room is decorated with photos galore. We have our Kitchen decorated just the way we like it. We prepare food there, and sometimes important news for our family to hear. Our Living Room, where I used to play games on our couch. If I did not play my favorite game, the Floor is Lava, I would become quite a grouch. Our basement, the one place where I dreaded going when I was little. Now, it does not feel like a cavern of darkness, it feels like I can go and play video games there, and watch TV for hours and hours on end. Our Yard, where I go sliding in the winter and play outside all day in the summer. Our Yard, where I play outside with my dog all the time, and we have the best time ever. Our Driveway, where I play road hockey with my Dad in the summer. Our Driveway, where I shovel snow with my mom in the winter. Our Neighbors, on one side, we have a construction company, who can get pretty loud sometimes. On the other side, we have a couple that are happily married, but they can get pretty crazy all the time. That is My Home described in the best way I can, Now I hope everybody gets a house that they can make their home.


Grade 6

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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