The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home By: Emerson Hogelie Home is a place that holds many wonders, From tiny little babies that look up to you, Or older siblings that YOU look up to, You might have step siblings that are still very new, Or maybe a pet, old and loved or new and getting used to, And parents that no matter what will always love you, For me home is making car dealerships in the basement with my dad, And playing solitaire with my mom, It´s also doing dumb stuff with my friends and sister, What home means to me might be different from what it means to you, But one thing that stands out most, is that your home might not even be in a house, Now may you ask, how could home be anything but a house! Home is a place where you belong, And if you don't have a home, you won´t for long, Because there are people out there that care.


Grade 5

Regina, Saskatchewan

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