What is Home?

What is home? Home is more than just a house Home is something to go back to With fond memories With sad memories that help us grow With grand memories that make us glow These memories we carry proud To guide us through the tougher days Which keeps us feeling happy and gay Home is nowhere scared or gray It is love and a place to stay You may change but home will not No matter the size of your lot Home may be just a dot on a map But worry not Because home is big you see Not on a map But look deeper, closer, what have you found Your home is profound It is big it is bright It shines all day and all night Even if you are sad Don’t you worry you’ll be glad Glad that you can give so much to people People that have not such Luxuries like me and you But we can help them carry through Perhaps we can share our love To spread it like a family does.


Grade 6

Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador

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