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The True Meaning of Home

A few years ago, I learnt the true meaning of home. I had a dream of becoming a designer. I wanted to sew, cut and glue everything! My parents provided me with whatever they could find; felt, paper, glue sticks and much more. They fostered my dreams and all this started in my home! I felt supported and loved. A home is where you make your best memories with your loved ones. I’m sure you have some good and bad memories, as every household does. These are all memories that you made, the memories that will shape you and stay with you forever. These memories and experiences developed in your home become your very being. A home is where you make a space your own. When I was 4, I struggled with reading. My parents helped me and I eventually improved. What you do in your home becomes your character. You feel safe, comfortable, and secure in a home. A home can be your happy place. A home is where your adventure starts. From your first steps, to the first word you uttered, your home is the place where you test and practice your skills. We are like plants, and our homes are like greenhouses. Our homes are where we are nurtured and grow into our full potential. Your home is where you follow your dreams, and where you receive support for them. Home is where you belong, where you feel safe and where you make memories. You can start your adventure in your home! You find your building blocks for life and your character, and practice being the human that you want to grow into. Home can be different things to different people but to me, home is where I learn to be me!

Divya Gyan

Grade 6

Scarborough, Ontario

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