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One Home at A Time

Home is where my heart is. A place where I know I matter. A place where I share and care for others. A place where I know I am wanted. Home is my sanctuary. A place where I learn my culture and my background. A place where I have strength and confidence. A place where I can be myself. Home is my safe zone. A place where I feel secure. A place where I don’t have to hide anything. A place where I am most comfortable in. Home is a new chapter in my life. A place where my parents gave me a new start. A place where I spent most of my time during the Covid pandemic, which made me realize that a home is more than just four walls and one roof. A place where Habitat for Humanity also gives other people an opportunity to begin a new chapter in their lives. Let’s show compassion and write an essay or a poem for our community. Young or old, let's do it together and help the people surrounding us. We might have our own differences and likes, but we are one. Stand together, stand strong. Together we can change the world! One planet, One community, One home at a time.


Grade 5

Niagara Falls, Ontario

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