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My Special Safe Place

Home means a lot to me. My home is a special place where I can feel comfortable and a place where I can express my feelings. My home keeps me alive and gives me energy for the next day. My home means a lot to me because my parents work hard to keep the house we live in to grow me and to have somewhere to sleep at night. It's not fun to live on the streets, especially with the country we live in, weather changes from cold to hot. My home is a safe heaven place and a comfort zone. My home is a place to live with my family, pets and to enjoy with my friends. My home is a place I can put my valuable personal belongings in. There is nothing more important and better than a home that's secured and safe for me and my family. A home is not something that you would want to leave because your childhood memories are there and it's a place you grew up in and where you were raised. My home is important to my family because it provides the sense of belonging that children need in order to establish strong connections with family members. A home can give you a fresh new start in life. A home should involve safety, security and unity. A lot of people don’t understand the true meaning of their home, a home provides shelter, provides escape from the busy world. Everyone deserves a home, living on the streets is not calming and a place you can gather with your family peacefully.

La Tanya

Grade 6

Bowmanville, Ontario

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