What Does Home Mean to Me

It means having a roof over your head and food in your pantry and being warm and being thankful for the things you get. Not everyone has a home and home is special to have and to be grateful and thankful. Home will give you many things in your future to look forward to. You can cuddle up with your family and sit by the fire. Once you realise how homes are special. Your home may be a boat? A Cabin? Or even maybe a small home. Home is something that not everyone has. When you get something you want, others may get nothing at all. So be thinking of how lucky you are to have a home. To be in a big bed with extra warm blankets having your mom and dad come home to cook you a meal for supper and other things you enjoy. So I used to not be as grateful for things that I get but now I understand that people may not have as many things as we get. We need to make sure to help our family members when they need to get something done. You can always be a helping hand. Say that your dad needs you to help him bring in some wood so on storms you won't be cold. Home is special and we are lucky to have one. C. Michels


Grade 6

Brookdale, Nova Scotia

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