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What A Home Means to Me!

When you're walking home from school you probably never think about how lucky you are to have a place where you share memories, have shelter and have a family. It might be hard to believe but some people your age don’t. This is what home means to me Memories. A home is a place where you don't need photo books filled with pictures of your memories because your home is made out of memories and your house makes sure you never forget them. I also remember every time after our vacation or trip was done I always felt happy to come back home, I never knew why but now I know it was my home calling me back. Whenever I step into someone else's house I don’t feel the same way as I do when I step into my own home. It's because I don’t have special memories with my family there. Security. One day I was in my bed and I heard a thunder storm and I was so happy that I had a roof to sleep under and I can’t imagine how hard it is not to have security in your home. Another big part of having a home is not having to be worried about cockroaches giving your family diseases and toxic mold making everybody sick. It is also important that your home is in a safe and secure neighborhood that means you can walk to school by yourself and feel safe when you sleep at night. Family. I remember when my Aunt showed me pictures of a baby in her stomach I felt my family growing. I also remember when I got my guinea pigs and they already felt like part of the family. A family is people that always support you and love you. A home does not have to be big or fancy. It’s also not the things in the home it’s the people that you share the home with that makes it a home.


Grade 4

Kitchener, Ontario

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