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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is Home is a place where you feel you belong, where everyone cares, where love is really strong. And every human deserves a home more than anything on the globe. In this home we stand tall as a family one and all. Different we are, but stronger too we stand together through and through. You might feel sad one day to another but always remember we are still together. The foundation of my home will help me grow. It will help me learn the many things I will need to know. Home is a place of peace, love and joy. Every human needs a home, in this poem I wrote to enter a contest to help the people in need of a home. This will help the homeless people to feel more safe in this place. A house is just one thing but my home gives me my strength to see the beyond and the hopes and dreams of tomorrow. My home is not just big with four walls because we stand together in it all. We stand strong always together but always remember home is where the heart is. Home will give you strength for everything you need to say.


Grade 4

Calgary, Alberta

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