The meaning of home

My home is very special to me. It is the place where I feel safe, free, not alone and I can be myself. My home may be a house. The bricks, metal, wood, plastic. That’s just the skeleton. A home is full of energy,creativity, personality and love. A home is empty without a family. The people inside make it a home. Without the people inside it's just a house. The feeling of home is so special. I am very lucky to have a home to keep me safe from rain, snow and hail. No matter how far away a vacation can be, I'll always miss the feeling of my own home. No renovation or coat of paint could change the special feeling. It would look different, but with your family there, your home will always have the same special feeling. I don't have to move away. I love the living space with a free feeling. The question is: What does home mean to you? The answer is: Home feels safe, free, loving, not alone and special. My home is my favorite place to be. My home is the place for me and my family. Home means happiness. Home means love.


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Oshawa, Ontario

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