What home means to me

Home means a lot to me because when there is stormy, cold weather each and every one of us will be really thankful to have a home to stay warm. When I was only a little kid and when I first realized that many others had no home, I thought about how they survive the cold weather and really hot weather. Some people can’t survive the hot weather or even the cold weather and that makes me really sad. Home also means that you can have many opportunities to do many fun things and have many memories. Home doesn’t just mean laughter, love, and fun, the meaning that I think is important is safe because when there is a really bad snow storm or rain storm, at least you will be safe inside a home. But…knowing that people that don’t have a home ,makes me really sad. I see a lot of people sitting on the side of the street, but I am always kind enough to give them some money. I am thankful to have a home. That’s why I think home is important. My home means a lot to me.


6 Année

Indian Head, Saskatchewan

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