Almost Home

Home to me is far more than the eye can see, It’s where I feel l free and there’s no one I have to be. When my family sits down for dinner and we talk and eat delicious delights, That’s a moment you cannot replace no matter what price. My family has a bond that is loving and stable, And they make me feel like all my dreams are capable. In my home we have a wood stove that’s warm and a little bit smokey, When I walk into my home, I feel like I have a warm blanket around me. My home is the place where I took my first steps in, The place I grew up where my family will listen. My home is the place where I feel the most safe, The place I don’t feel that I have to escape. My family can sit down for a nice movie night, and we can relax without any fright. My home is the place where my friends come for fun, Where we enjoy our time through the dark and the sun. My home is the place I will always remember, The place where I know my that life will get better. I cuddle up by the fire during cold winter storms, But can’t help but think of people who need it more. The people out there without a warm shelter, Just out in the cold without a protector. Kids and parents just looking for food, Could stumble upon someone angry or rude. The family’s cold and exhausted, lying in the snow, Hungry and wet with no where to go. These are the people we should pray for each day, The people whose lives just won’t go there way. Everyone deserves a roof and four walls, A safe place where the little ones can learn how to crawl. Every family should have a special safe place, Where they can be happy, no matter their race. Though these problems are big And this poem is small, I hope it brings light For one and for all.


6 Année

Fredericton, Nouveau-Brunswick

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