What I think is the meaning of home

What I think is the meaning of home My home is unique to me because I feel like it's a magical land of relaxation like a tropical island of my own. My parents and my 2 sisters live here on this island and I love this place with a passion. Our home is filled with memories, joy, and relaxation. I cherish the memories that have been built and are important to me, such as growing up and learning to be a big sister, as well as a great daughter. To be honest, anywhere can be a loving home as long as it's filled with the people you love and that's what I feel about my tropical island. As soon as I walk through the entrance of my home, the door swings open and I feel relaxed and it feels like I'm on vacation. Then I step into the living room/kitchen I usually hear my sisters fighting and I hear cooking in the kitchen and the screaming steam sound on the stove. But it is home. I take the time to relax and watch hours of anime for hours like a zombie. While sisters like turning the lights off on me and secretly watch with me. Most of the time I catch them. Then they run off and come back later. My bedroom is my favorite place on my island . My bedroom is a peaceful space where I feel no one can disturb me. It's like a squirrel's den who make it comfortable like me. I have some cool games on my playstation, a cool dressing table, and my favourite thing is my bed. I love my bed because I think it's the most comfortable and relaxing. If you had a long tiring day and you go relax on your bed that feels like the best moment ever. My bedroom being part of my island which is my home collectively represents the most important thing in my life which is my family and a home is incomplete without it. Even my sisters who always find a way to irritate me one way or the other I realize the meaning of home and it's not complete without them.


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Victoria, Colombie-Britannique

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