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The meaning of home

The meaning of home is a memorable place where I can build memories and spend time with my family. One thing that reminds me of home is my family. One important thing that reminds me of my family is we build relationships by helping, loving and caring about each other. For example I help my mom with keeping the house clean and she cooks my favorite food. My family helps me get entertained when watching a movie, playing games and telling jokes. At home I always try to improve myself, as my family corrects my mistakes and guides me. The best memory I’ve had in my home was creating painting for my bedroom and living room to make it more artistic and colorful. Another big memory was when I had a playdate with all my friends at my home, and this is a very exciting memory because we made snow globes, played games and even ate lunch together. Lastly, every summer I played badminton in my backyard with my dad and sister, and I’ve spent quality time just being with them there. Now I’d like to talk about my celebrations. The most important celebration to basically everyone is their birthday. On my birthday it was really special because I got the chance to decorate my own cake and plan how the party should be arranged at home. The biggest festival I have to do every year is Diwali. On Diwali I decorate the whole house with lamps and I even do fireworks with my family and friends. Another tiny celebration we do every week is we make popcorn and watch a movie with my family. That’s what I think home means to me.


Grade 5

Whitby, Ontario

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