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My Home is One

A home could be sticks, mud, just a place to sleep, but home to me is a family. We learn, we play, and snuggle all day. There’s no place like home. When the wind blows my hair flows. Without home there’s no home hope. On holidays we gather up in a heap. We pray we sing there’s a beautiful melody. After shabbat we watch a movie. We dance, we cuddle, we crunch the popcorn. We fall asleep when we’re tired. The smell of toast in the morning . We brush our teeth. I’ve been to many places but none of them match up to the one that shines bright, and that's my home, that means the world to me. In the cold, in the dark, home is a cuddling with a comfy spot. There’s no place like home!!!


Grade 4

Toronto, Ontario

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