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What Home Means To Me.

Home feels like a place where everybody feels safe. No one would feel safe far from home, home would make you safe when everybody lives there and is at home with you. When you come back from home, you get the smell of home with your mom or dad making food or having fun with them, or playing with them, watching movies with them, and making food with them. Home used to feel like my grandparents making food, me watching TV and my parents at work, and my brother and sister in their rooms playing. When you are home alone you feel sad that i'm home alone but it's usually like 30 minutes that i'm home alone then we either eat food all together, or we play board games then go to sleep with my brother. Home feels new when you get a new home, a new smell, new sound and new feeling, new look, and new rooms/new beds. That is what home feels to me and my family.


Grade 5

Kitchener, Ontario

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