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The meaning of home

What does home mean to you? To me it means everything. Home is somewhere I can be myself without anybody judging, bullying, trash talking, giving bad looks or any other rude stuff like that. People at school tell me to be myself so I take the advice and use it, but when I try to act like myself people call me names. But at home I can act like myself without anybody saying anything and that makes me feel comfortable. Speaking of comfortable, home makes me feel very comfortable and super safe because I have family there and they always protect each other no matter what. My home makes me feel safe and comfortable. At home I never get bored. There is always so much stuff to do like, for example, reading a book, it does not have to be just any book. Pick a specific book that you like and enjoy reading. You can also grab or print a coloring page and color for a bit, that is what me and my little brother do all the time at home. If you have games at home, you can play that and if you must play it with multiple people you can invite over some friends and family! Siblingsssss, at home siblings are super fun to hang out/play with. Whether it is an older sibling or even a younger sibling. Home is somewhere it is peaceful, quiet, relaxing. After school you might be tired and exhausted, so once you come home, you might as well take a nap while it's quiet and peaceful. Personally, I get extremely tired after school. So, I either take a quick nap or watch a bit tv. You can watch tv too if you like. Home has somewhere I can sleep, rest, nap, lay, and sit for example my bed, or my couch, my chair and many other stuffs you can sit on at your house. At home I get a lot of family time and I get to do a lot of stuff with them. I like to cook with my mom, play games with my little brother, hang out with my older siblings, and have movie nights with my dad. Home is an incredibly fun place filled with lots of joy and excitement. My home has LOTS of memories there so I don’t ever want to lose my home because if I lose my home i lose everything.


Grade 6

Windsor, Ontario

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