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House to Home

Home is a very simple, but special place. It holds memories that will always be there in your heart. Like a birthday or your first steps. If you have a bad day, you can always go home and talk about it and enjoy the comfort that only family can give. But that's what home does. It binds the family together, and ties them with metaphorical strings. Home is one of the only places you can find your peace. A spot where you can escape the world and forget your troubles. So, please appreciate your home. Appreciate the privilege of a roof over your head. The next time weather strikes, remember that there are people who don't have the luxury of a home or the comfort of a hug from family. But I will leave you on this. You can learn a lot from a house. It doesn't become a home until love lives in it. And a home is built on a strong foundation. My family is my foundation. So, enjoy your home to its fullest!


Grade 5

Windsor, Ontario

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