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My Home

In the entryway, where anticipation resides, Threshold of emotions, excitement abides. Symbolizing welcomes and a warm embrace, Transition from the world to a personal space. The living room beats with a heart so strong, Connection and togetherness, where bonds belong. Shared laughter, conversations, joy untold, A space where warmth and belonging unfold. The kitchen, a landscape of comfort and care, Various scents fill the air. Aromas and tastes trigger memories sweet, Love and security, a comforting feat. The bedroom, a sanctuary that's cozy and true, Vulnerability, rest, and dreams anew. A place to release daily burdens and strife, Where comfort thrives and renews life. Home office is a realm where ambitions take flight, Productivity and growth, ideas ignite. A space for development both near and far, Though stress can linger, it's where successes are. In the bathroom, reflection takes hold, A place for renewal and where stories unfold. Cleansing, both physically and emotionally, A moment of solitude, a personal decree. Attic and basement are where memories reside, Sentimental treasures take on a ride. Forgotten artifacts and a time-traveling trip, A mixture of nostalgia, emotions flip. The garden, an outdoor space of tranquility, Connection with nature, a sense of ability. Relaxation, reflection, in the natural bower, Appreciation blooms like a fragrant flower. The closet, a haven for identity's song, Self-expression through belongings lifelong. A place of transformation, where one can be, Experimenting with facets of identity free. Hallways are transitions and movement in rhyme, Connecting emotions, the passage of time. Journey through life, doors open wide, To new experiences, memories inside. But truly home is a feeling of belonging, Not limited to a four-walled building. A safe place to rest if tired to roam, Everyone deserves a home.


Grade 6

Toronto, Ontario

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