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Home, A Place Where My Heart Is

Home, a place filled with love and laughter. Home is where we make memories, not only for ourselves but for others. At home, I feel loved, safe, and secure, and where my heart is pure. Where we embrace ourselves, for the best and the worst. Home is not only about having a roof over your head, but about gathering jolly, and lively memories. Home, a place where we all belong, a place where my two siblings and I try to get along. Home is my pleasant place, where I can faithfully be my true self. Home is a place where I feel accepted. It’s where my family and I play Ludo every night on the floor, and where we all try our hardest to win by turning our backs on each other. Home, where watching Bollywood movies every weekend has turned into tradition. My heart stays in home, surrounded by generosity, and generations of family. Home, where the fresh fragrance of my mom’s Chana and Puri makes my stomach rumble, and my mouth water. Home is where I stay up late at night, under the covers, laughing with my siblings, while we all have our own comedy shows. Home is also where we have poojas every now and then for various occasions, such as Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Janamashtimi, and Lohri. Where my brother, Ayush, and I run around the house, and secretly play games without my parents knowing. My family and home is the court, and my heart is the ball. No matter what happens, my heart will always be on the court. Thank you Habitat For Humanity for this opportunity.


Grade 6

Kitchener, Ontario

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