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once apon a kitten like me

Once upon a time, there was me a little kitten. My name is Amber and I love two things: my house and my family. My favorite place is my house. My house is where I eat my moms mouse leaf stew, and where I play with my pirate crew! Then one tragic day there would be no more play, because my house was washed away. That was when I realized this was only a house, I still have my home. Home could be in toronto or sydney or all the way in rome. Home doesn't have to be a house or a building or a hut, home is where family is, where I can always smell my moms spices. I don't need my pirate crew. All I want is my moms mouse leaf stew. My home is where I come for a big family embrace. Home is where I go after a big scary test. Home is where me and my family can have a nice long rest. My home is my happy place, my family place and safe place. Where I get tucked into bed with my mom and dads warm kisses, and fight with my sister like powerful goddesses. At the end of the day we are happy, safe and loved at a home not a house. At home you have loving family meals like a mouse! In a house that's just a place where you eat. My home looks like many things too! It looks like fun, Family, love and whatever it looks like to you. Thank you for reading this! Now you can make even more houses for kittens like me who don't have a home to sip their tea! ( thank u so much for giving kittens like me in grade 4 5 and 6 an opportunity do to something like this. It is truly amazing )


Grade 4

oakville, Ontario

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