Skylight and Daylight

The sun shines on the house during the day and the moon at night. Running in the sun, and easing in the moonlight. When I get up, the curtains are swaying around with sunbeams blasting through the windows. A home is not just a place with four walls and a roof, it's a family, a community of people, and love. Family means more to me than anything else, even my mom’s award winning artwork and my dad’s sick basketball moves. Even though my siblings and I sometimes fight, we are all tight. We are as close as sunlight and daylight. When I’m at home I see the incredible connection between me and them. They are willing to do anything for me and I am willing to do anything for them. I feel precious when I can just walk home from school and fall into my family’s arms at twilight. I smell my dad's stunning cooking that melts in my mouth as humorous laughter fills the whole table. I taste freshly baked cookies that me and my family put together with all our heart and soul. I hear the birds chirping in the background as I am shooting baskets on my basketball court with my dad in glee. I am so grateful to even own a beautiful house. Thank you Habitat for Humanity for giving people homes. You are amazing people that support a good cause. These people that work for Habitat for Humanity make me want to cry because they work so hard! Thank you so much!


Grade 5

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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