What Home Means To Me

What Home Means to Me by LillyAnna Do you love your home? I love mine. My home is an amazing place and this is just a little bit I'm writing down. You can laugh with your friends or family. My home is special to me. I have animals, family and love. Home can be anywhere or everywhere. I hope your home is as special to you as mine is to me. Every day when I wake up I'm greeted by someone or an animal and it is the best feeling ever. I have dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, chickens, a salamander, and a bird. I love them more than anybody else could. I do training with my very cute dogs every day. I play with my super soft and sweet cuddly bunnies, I take my goats out for a run and for them to eat some grass. I remember when we first got toothless my salamander. We rescued him from being plowed over and we rescued all of our animals. I helped pick out some bird seed and harvest eggs from my chickens. My mom makes delicious food every night. I love making memories with my brother, my Grandad and my mom. A memory I have in winter is when my brother and I are out playing in the snow. My mom makes hot chocolate. While my Grandad shovels the snow. I love my family more than anyone could know. I hope your home is an amazing place somewhere where you can be yourself, somewhere where nobody will judge you and somewhere where you can be safe. that is what home means to me


Grade 5

New Ross, Nova Scotia

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