Home on the Mountain

Home on the mountain The mountains where I will always call home My home stays still as a rock and will never move My two dogs and my cat probably call it home too Home is where my bed will stay My room is my happy place Once in a while, I'll come out and see my family. My brother, my cat, my mom, my two dogs and my dad go watch movies together in the living room all the time We'll play games The kitchen is where my mom cooks. The living room is the family place. I'll go back to my room sometimes and I'll see my cat named Shadow on my bed and my dog named Tank trying to steal my toys. My older dog, Ray, is laying on the dog bed. She sleeps in my room My home is very fun and crazy and extraordinary When I go to bed I always say goodnight to my dog Ray, to Tank and sometimes Shadow when she's wandering around at night time. I wait for a new adventure tomorrow. My home will always be mine


Grade 4

Canning, Nova Scotia

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