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Meanning of Home

Meaning of home In my home I see a place for me and my family, A place where I can be who I want to be. I see a place full of character, Not necessarily an interior or exterior. I hear a distinct chatter, But also a sense of matter. I hear all sounds to just silence, My ears pick up no violence or defiance. I feel the memorable wood under my feet, I feel warmth not heat. In my home I feel like a king on a throne, I feel like I have a place to postpone. I taste what it feels like to win and lose, But a good shabbat game will always amuse. I taste what it feels like to be at your highs and lows, I taste what it is like through sun and snow. I smell scents of glory, Not just a history but a story. I smell the classic good food, That will always put you in a good mood. Home is a place of comfort, joy, sadness, laughter, crazy, calm, loud, quiet, and so much more, While it is all but a place with a floor.


Grade 6

Montreal, Quebec

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