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The Meaning of Home

Click…Click…Click…Click… That is the sound of my brother typing on his computer, and that is the sound of home for me. The meaning of home is different for everyone, for some people it is a fluffy teddy bear and for others it is a snack of cheese and crackers. For me I feel at home when I see the cold, edged, tip of the mountains, when I smell the paper of my favorite, majestic books,When I feel the cold, frosty, chill of Calgary in winter, when I taste the simple, appealing, lunch that I pack myself everyday, And when I hear my cats booming, fast Zoomies all night. A house is built with walls and beams but a home is built with love and dreams, it should make you feel happy and should make you feel like yourself. My parent's hugs make me feel at home. Just like my brother pushing me to do my best. That is why I hope the people who do not have a house have a home.


Grade 4

Calgary, Alberta

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